Java/Struts interview questions: - Diffrent types of Action classes in Struts?

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One of the most likely questions asked in Java/Struts interview questions. So set your answers accordingly as mentioned below.

  • ForwardAction: to do the “forward-only” and allow you to access the specified JSP page directly without going through controller.
  • IncludeAction: IncludeAction is much like ForwardAction except that the resulting resource is included in the HTTP response instead of being forwarded to
  • DispatchAction: provides a mechanism for grouping a set of related functions into a single action, thus eliminating the need to create separate actions for each functions.
  • LookupDispatchAction: provides a mechanism for grouping a set of related functions into a single action.
  • SwitchAction: This is a standard Action that switches to a new module and then forwards control to a URI within the new module.
  • DownloadAction: This is an abstract base class that minimizes the amount of special coding that needs to be written to download a file.
  • LocaleAction: Implementation of Action that changes the user's Locale and forwards to a page, based on request level parameters that are set.
  • EventDispatchAction: An Action that dispatches to to one of the public methods that are named in the parameter attribute of the corresponding ActionMapping and matches a submission parameter.
  • MappingDispatchAction: Same with Dispatch Action, group similar functionality into a single action class but with different mechanism.
  • DynoAction: Allow you to create a virtual form bean declaratively to increase the development speed.

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